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The following definition is endorsed by the Boards of the International Social Marketing Association, European Social Marketing Association, and Australian Association of Social Marketing. Held June 15-16, two days before the Main Conference, the Academy teaches attendees how to apply the core elements of a successful social marketing initiative, select the behavior which will have the greatest impact on their issue, select and prioritize the target audience, understand the importance of formative research, analyze data and develop a marketing mix based on insights.

As such, we were not able to locate studies that did not self-identify as social marketing, despite potentially qualifying based on intervention design ( Evans et al. 2014 ). Despite this limitation, we may also have inadvertently included studies that might be better classified as health promotion due to definitional challenges in Fan Marketer huge discount Fan Marketer discount coupon discount identifying social marketing interventions.

Due to legal limitations and political sensitivities, social marketing of medication abortion has not been implemented on as large of a scale as other reproductive health products and services ( Winikoff and Sheldon 2012 ). However, non-governmental organizations have used social marketing to engage providers and women in access to abortion and post-abortion care in several countries.

We scored studies against the eight benchmark criteria using a process similar to that of Quinn and colleagues in their 2010 review of the design of social marketing interventions ( Quinn et al. Here’s more information about Fan Marketer bonuses look into our own page. 2010 ). Each study was awarded an equally weighted point for each of the benchmark criteria identified in the description of the intervention, for a maximum score of eight.

Other reviews and meta-analyses have investigated the role of social marketing in HIV prevention in low and middle-income countries previously and found the results to be mixed ( Bertrand et al. 2006 ; Noar et al. 2009 ; Sweat et al. 2012 ; Evans et al. 2014 ). Our Fan Marketer bonuses results coincide with these findings, but we were able to compare HIV-related studies to those in other areas of global health investment to assess how evaluations of social marketing are distributed across health and disease areas.